About us

Most businesses are born as a result of a personal experience...

DaSweetZpot is no different!

A few years ago, I spent months traveling through Europe, and one of my favorites countries to visit was England. I fell in love with English Tea, the pastries, the finger sandwiches, the tea cups and the entire ceremony!

I spent all my time in London visiting as many tea shops as I could find. I literally was having "Afternoon Tea" every day, sometimes twice a day, at different Tea Shops. My most precious souvenir was a "Royal Palace" tea pot that I purchased at the Kensington Palace gift shop, and I spent the rest of my trip carrying this very special teapot on me at all times, as it did not fit in my luggage.

Both, myself and this precious Kensington Palace teapot got back home in one piece,  and I soon began collecting tea cups to add to my collection, Royal Albert, Paragon, Queen Anne, to name a few, and I simply loved the stories behind each set. My girlfriends knew of my exquisite collection, and soon began borrowing pieces for their Bridal Showers and Birthday parties, and that is how the idea of collecting and selling tea cups came to be.

I enjoy shopping and curating tea sets, plates and everything that is needed to throw a fabulous tea party! Over the years my small business has thrived and grown, and we now have a wide variety of tea cups, plates in all sizes, spoons, cake stands, and everything one needs to throw a lavish tea party. Most of my collections are shipped from London, all those Tea Shops I visited throughout my trip are happy to support my small business. I also curate items from various online retailers, specialty shops and estate sales.

Tea cups are so pretty... I now share my love for everything 'tea parties' with you!